Using Fertility Supplements to Treat Infertility in Men

Infertility in Men – Can it be treated with Fertility Supplements

Treat Infertility in Men

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About infertility in Men. Did you know that infertility in couples is a result (at least in part) of male infertility in around half of all cases? Not only this but also, that there are a significant number of couples diagnosed as ‘infertile’ that go on to conceive a child?

So if you are a male or your partner is a male, suffering from infertility. Then all hope is not lost. And there are things that you can do to give yourself the best possible chance at starting a family.

What are fertility supplements?

Fertility supplements are dietary supplements made up of a combination of natural ingredients that is specifically designed to boost fertility.

Many products are available for both men and women. They generally concentrate on supplying generous quantities of vitamins and minerals that have been found to increase fertility in some way.

Why take them?

Because you can eat as healthily as you like and still be lacking in one nutrient or another. If nothing else, fertility supplements will boost your overall health. And that in itself is a great way to increase fertility.

There is evidence to show that taking amino acids, antioxidants/anti-inflammatory ingredients, and trace elements are effective in increasing sperm count, and mobility. And some of these ingredients that tend to be included in fertility supplements may be effective enough to treat infertility in men on some level.

How do they work?

The majority of male fertility supplements are a combination of the following:

Increases the overall quality of sperm. Sufficient amounts of zinc are needed to form the tail of the sperm, therefore taking supplements rich in zinc boosts the mobility of sperm. As well as causing the number of sperm produced to rise.

Amino acids
Arginine, like zinc, is highly prevalent in sperm. And consuming more increases sperm production, and speed. While Carnitine ensures normal function of sperm.

Lack of Vitamins C and D are often cited as causes of infertility in men. Folic acid is not just for women, it is needed to produce sperm cells. While Pine Bark Extract may improve the number of normally functioning sperm cells produced.

A fertility supplement may be helpful in treating infertility in men, especially when there has been no cause found. However, it is important to remember that it is not an overnight cure. It takes up to 3 months for sperm cells to develop, and so you will need to take them consistently for at least this amount of time to see any benefit. They must also be taken consistently after that time for the benefits to continue.

If you do decide that fertility supplements are the way forward for you. Bear in mind that they may work best when used in conjunction with some lifestyle changes. For example, keeping to a diet of unprocessed foods, staying away from toxins (alcohol, smoking etc), and doing regular exercise.

Using Fertility Supplements to Treat Infertility in Men

Click for a side by side comparison between the leading fertility supplements