Pregnant after 40 naturally

Pregnant after 40 naturally

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Pregnant after 40 naturally

Can women get pregnant after 40 naturally? More and more women are interested in ways to inform themselves about conceiving naturally after they reach a certain age. We all know stories about how risky a pregnancy could be after women reach their forties.

However, are these claims true and can women conceive naturally? or to put it in a more precise way, can women get pregnant after 40 naturally ? For all of you who were suspicious about this, there is hope. Many studies and real-life stories are proof enough.

Pregnant after 40 naturally, Knowing your body and things to consider

Before we even get into this matter, every woman should know something. Our bodies are different and unique in their own way, so you cannot expect the same results or compare yourself to others. Consulting your gynecologists and asking for advice is essential.

Here are few facts about your body to help you understand changes it goes through in your forties:

  • Health of our eggs in later years is not as it was when we were younger
  • Our ovary reserves are lower
  • Hormonal changes that are happening in the perimenopause period can affect the pregnancy
  • There is certainly a bigger risk of miscarriage
  • Higher risk of pregnancy-related problems

Things to consider:

  • Impact of your age on your child and you
  • Most studies are based on results of women who underwent IVF and not the ones who conceived naturally
  • Financial strains regarding fertility treatments
  • Assistance that might be necessary in order to conceive

These few facts are only there to remind you about possible downsides of this whole process, but when you imagine holding your newborn child, no risk is scary enough.

Pregnant after 40 naturally

Advice on conceiving naturally

Now let us focus on sides that are more positive. Even though it is risky to conceive after forty, the risk is present in any pregnancy no matter how old we are. Follow advice from your gynecologists and stay focused, this should be enough to give you positive results.

Here are few pieces of advice you can follow in order to ease the process of conceiving after 40:

  • Get to know your hormones level and examine your body properly before engaging in the process. This means you should check your hormone levels (Progesterone and Estrogen) so that you can have a good insight on your body’s condition. You should also do a test called Anti-Mullerian Hormone test to determine how many ovarian reserves you have.
  • Take well care of your body and maintain your body weight at a normal level, because health issues are more likely to appear, as we get older.
  • Avoid starvation or strict diets, and implement more fresh foods. Healthy diet is important because we need to stay strong and healthy during this process.
  • Practice regular physical activity in order to stay healthy and vital. This, together with a healthy diet will help you endure pregnancy easier, once you succeed at it.
  • Monitor your body temperature and practice intercourse during the time of ovulation. Rules for conceiving are same for women no matter what age they are. Regularly measuring your body temperature will be your main guideline because our body temperature rises during ovulation cycle.
  • Use calendars to keep track of your ovulation cycle in order to conceive easier. If you find measuring your body temperature impractical, use an application or an ovulation tracker to know when the ovulation is happening.

Herbal remedies to consider:

  • False Unicorn is an ancient herb that was used by Native American people. This herb is not only used to treat women fertility problems but also men fertility problems.
  • Saw Palmetto is a capsule that contains natural herbal remedies that are helpful in treatment of many various fertility problems.
  • Red Clover is the most widely used supplement in the treatment of fertility problems. Red Clover helps in hormone regulation and enhances women’s fertility in a natural way.
  • Vitex is used to treat ovarian cysts and menstrual problems.
  • Maca is another natural herb that was used by people of Peru. It is now used for management of female health problems like endometriosis and POD.
  • Other helpful remedies are herbs like Red Raspberry Leaf, Damiana, Oatstraw, and Alfalfa.
    Before using any of these remedies, it is always best to ask your gynecologist. This way you will eliminate any possible issues and complications that could happen.

Natural dietary fertility supplements:

  • Vitamin E Supplement is very helpful in improving fertility in women and men.
  • Iron supplements are also helpful because they can help you fight anemia and improve the quality of your health.
  • Drink a lot of water and try to stay stress-free as much as you can.
  • Avoid sugary foods and saturated fats.

Women after forty are still at higher risk than younger women. However, if you take good care of your body and stay consistent, there is no reason why you should not conceive. Research as much as you can about this subject and always consult your gynecologist before trying new methods.


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