How to improve the quality of your eggs

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How to improve the quality of your eggs

How to improve the quality of your eggs

The Importance of Egg Quality

This article targets explicitly how to improve the quality of your eggs. If you are trying to conceive but did not succeed, then it’s time to take care of your eggs. We know it is not always the case, but most of the time it is the only case. I am going to share some tips to keep your eggs healthy and to have some damage control.

Tips to Improve Your Eggs Quality

Getting pregnant and having kids of your own may be the most interesting experience in your life. Do you think unhealthy lifestyle choices correlating with one’s ability to get pregnant or give birth? The drastic transformations we introduce into our lifestyle and our inclination towards more unhealthy life habits impact our ability to conceive.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Although, the egg formation is entirely an internal affair, this most beautiful process can be affected by outside factors as well. So you have to make sure that you keep your body as primeval as possible. Whatever activities you adopt have a direct or indirect impact on the quality of your eggs and overall on your pregnancy. Manage a healthy lifestyle, with healthy food intake, regular exercise or yoga and avoid toxins and other harmful intakes.

Stress control

Although, stress in itself is not a cause of infertility, it may act as an environmental factor which induces malfunctioning of a woman’s eggs. So try to avoid stress. We know it’s easier to say than follow but it may impact you and your future baby, and so you better follow. Try to manage the stress so that it does not get in the way of your motherhood. According to various studies the more stress you take, the longer it takes to conceive. So try to manage the stress with various stress management techniques and the most authentic of them all is to talk yourself out to your friends and loved ones.

Quit smoking, alcohol

Say no to these unhealthy lifestyle choices as soon as possible as they are prolonging your pregnancy. Especially nicotine and alcohol are the most toxic to your eggs health. So if you want to conceive early, then you have to quit prolongs mentioned above.

Supplement intake

There are several parental and fertiilty supplements available in the market. With the regular intake of these supplements (as recommended by your doctor), you are most likely to improve the health and overall performance of your eggs. These supplements are available in the market to combat PCOS and other issues regarding conceiving. Your doctor can prescribe you with the right supplements and their dosage after your complete medical test and checkup.

Eat healthy food

One of the essential parts of adopting a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthily. We have discussed above that with the recent change in our lifestyle, eating habits also gone through drastic changes. Nowadays we do not have much time to prepare our meal at home with all the healthy ingredients. So we grab whatever is available as a ready to eat junk food. Avoid the unhealthy food containing excessive salts and unhealthy fats in it. Moreover, try to shift your habit to eat more fresh fruits and vegetable, grains and dairy.

A healthy body has a healthy internal system. The whole idea of conceiving revolves around the quality of our eggs so why not to opt for healthy lifestyle options now?

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