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Fertility Blend for Men by the Daily Wellness CompanyOne of the saddest situations for any couple is when a couple who wants to get pregnant is unable to conceive. Choosing between fertility treatment options can be a major challenge during a sad time in the life of a couple. In this product review, I will be reviewing Fertility Blend for Men, a product to help with male infertility. This product creates positive results for some. However, the length of time it can take this product to work makes this investment not worth your money, even at its low per day price.

Fertility Blend for Men Key Ingredients

Fertility-Blend-for-Men-by-the-Daily-Wellness-Company-Supplement-FactsFertility Blend for Men provides a blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The key amino acid is L-carnitine, which is an essential amino acid for producing healthy sperm. The L-carnitine in this product is in a blend with green tea and dong quai, two antioxidants which improve sperm counts, important for fertility. The blend of these three ingredients is 900mg. Dong quai is important because it contains ferulic acid, which improves the quality of sperm. There are 120mg of Vitamin C, 150 IU of Vitamin E and 70mcg of Selenium, important vitamins and minerals for high sperm quality. In addition, there is 15mg of Zinc, 2mg of Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. These nutrients are essential for having proper hormone metabolism and sperm motility.

Price Matters

A 30-day supply of Fertility Blend costs $39.99, however, if you buy in bulk, a three month supply is $74.99. This leads to a value of $0.83 per day. The balance of vitamins and minerals creates long-term sperm growth so it is recommended that this supplement is taken for a year in order to have the best chance to see results. The value in this supplement decreases because of the extended period of time needed to see results. A supplement that needs to be taken longer, even if it is cheaper, will end up costing more money than a higher quality supplement, and nutrient quantities are lower in this product than in its competitors of comparable price.

The Bad

One challenge with this product is that the amount of L-carnitine is unknown because it is a blend of two types of plants. In addition, this supplement does not have L-arginine another essential amino acid in promoting fertility.

Final Thoughts

I do not recommend this product because there are other products on the market with more amino acids and higher vitamin concentrations for around the same price. This product seeks to be narrow in its ingredient list to focus on fertility nutrients; however, there are other products that have higher concentrations of these nutrients which are a better value as one has to take the supplement for a shorter period of time. In addition, there are other supplements with more vitamins to help overall health that still have higher quantities of sperm healthy nutrients. This product is not worth the investment.

Our Score: 8.1

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