Can stress cause problems in conceiving?

Can stress cause problems in conceiving?

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Can stress cause problems in conceiving?

The effects of stress on Fertility

Stress is a common issue that most of us face throughout our everyday lives. No matter the reason for your stress, one thing is sure, stress will have harmful effects on both your brain and body. Such effects are worsening for people with extraordinary cases like trying to conceiving couples. Many medical experts believe our bodies are naturally equipped with the ability to avoid conception in stressed times. It is so, because adrenaline, a hormone which excretes from our bodies when we are in stress tends to indicate the body that conditions are not perfect for conception.

Different studies illustrate how stress boosts up the proportionate of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol etc. Other than that, higher stress level can reduce sperm count in men, ovulation in women and libido in both. If you have been trying continuously to conceive but positive results fail to arrive, it could be a symptom of stress. In such a scenario, stress relief should be a part of your conception process even if you are undertaking IVF.

Endeavoring to conceive during stressed times can possess a threat to the fetus. Your body is completely aware of that and it’s why it formulates an unsuitable environment for pregnancy. A stressed individual might be considered as unhealthy and may have a tendency to get tired quickly. Being nervous and tensed might also damage your general lifestyle and lead you to making careless decisions about your diet routine.

How to avoid stress for fertility?

If you are having problems conceiving even when your medical tests are cleared, then stress might well be a factor. Most of the times, you would not even need a check-up to determine if you are stressed as it is self-observatory. So, it’s time to get back to your life and get rid of stress, try the following ways:

Change the way you react:

When being faced with a stressful situation, your reaction really matters. Try to remain calm and cool in hot and unfavorable conditions in your professional or personal life and deal with things with a cool head. This practice will gradually take the stress away from your life.

Get the routine right:

Make a proper life routine and spend your days and nights according to it. Some most common practices in this regard include sufficient sleep, regular exercise, counseling, healthy diet, journal, prayer, bathing and forgiving etc.

Use herbs:

At times, chronic stress could be a reason for hormonal irregularities, lower eggs production, low libido and poor sperm health. There are numerous natural herbs that flourish the nervous system and assist with those issues effectively. Most helpful herbs are comprised of Withania somnifera, propolis, chamomile flowers, eleuthero root and maca root etc.

Try reading books:

In addition to general books, there are plenty of books available in the market that specifically deal with stress. Reading such books do not only keep you busy but also provides a remedy to the disorder.

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